What are the best targets for Crossbows?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

There was a ton of research conducted both on the web and in our store as well as surveying our customers and the overall big winners were the Spyderweb target for field points and either the Rinehart 18:1 or the Rhinoblock for broadheads


The favorite with our staff Xperts seems to be a 3-D Target that’s life like though. We know the expense can become cost prohibitive, but a Glendale Buck or other 3-D Targets provides you the feel of a real life experience that helps much more than targeting a block target. You can maneuver the target to mimic various different angles a deer will present you in the woods or out on a field.

Additionally, it was suggested by most bow hunters to just spend good, smart money on the very best of the best targets and in the end save yourself a great deal of money and time purchasing a target that will last much longer for you.