Getting Women Started In Hunting Without A Family Member To Help

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
There are many programs available to new and budding hunters offered through your local DNR.  I know that the Minnesota and Wisconsin DNR both offer a really awesome program called "Becoming An Outdoors Woman” or B.O.W. This program has numerous classes in it from archery to fly fishing to kayaking. I have even seen snow shoeing and camps too!

These programs do require pre-registration but the cost is very low. They are a great way to work with professionals and learn how to do a multitude of activities in the outdoors! For archery and hunting, A-1 Archery has teamed up with the Minnesota DNR and we offer classes, bow discounts and some of our staff do mentored turkey and deer hunts with the ladies.

Mentored hunts are incredible. An experienced mentor hunter takes you to a hunting spot and you try to bag your game. Turkey hunting mentors have all the equipment from the blind to the decoys and calls. Their goal is to get you in the woods and to let you experience what hunting is like. They will teach you how to read animal sign and how to look for a good spot.

They will also teach you how to know when to take a shot and help you judge yardages. If you are lucky you might even harvest something!  I highly recommend these programs and if you don't have programs like these in your area, then ask people in your local archery club or shop if they know of anyone who is trustworthy and does mentored hunts.  If a minor is hunting with a mentor a parent should be present.

A-1 Archery also has a women's only hunting expo called She-Hunts.  This expo offers speakers, seminars, and female specific vendors on hand to show you the latest gear and techniques for hunting.

I am so happy that you are considering trying hunting! You will soon see things in nature that you never saw before, and you will understand why we are so passionate about it!