Tru-Fire Chicken Wing Release Review

Saturday, August 8, 2015

One of the most innovative and most impressive products at the 2015 ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis wasnít a bow. Tru-Fire unveiled itís newest creation, theChicken Wing archery release. Tru-Fire is well known for producing some of the best archery releases in the world, and the Chicken Wing is another innovation that seems ahead of its time. The designers believe theyíve created the most accurate and most forgiving buckle-strap style release ever made.

The big innovation of the Chicken Wing is so simple itís a wonder no one ever thought of it. The trigger utilizes a dual-finger trigger that gives the shooter more control and allows for a smooth trigger pull. A dual finger smooth trigger reduces punching the trigger, one of the most common causes of accuracy problems many archers encounter. Using both the index finger and the middle finger to control the trigger allows the Tru-Fire Chicken Wing release to be shot more like a hand held release. The design also reduces movement or rotation of the anchor point during the release, which also results in increased accuracy.

The trigger is the most pronounced feature of the Chicken Wing but itís not the only innovative feature of this release. The Chicken Wing has Tru-Fireís most compact head to date. It features an elongated spring-loaded nickel-plated steel hook to ensure contact with the string loop. Once hooked to the loop, the Chicken Wingís Tru-Centering head helps the shooter settle naturally at full draw for consistent anchor point placement.

The trigger has an adjustable travel range and the release weight is set at about three ounces at the factory. The spring-loaded hook returns to the draw position immediately after the shot. The Chicken Wing is also outfitted with a sound dampening coating that dramatically decreases noise from the shot.

The Chicken Wing has a comfortable leather buckle strap. The Chicken Wing Max has extra padding inside the leather strap and is a bit wider than the Chicken Wing. The Chicken Wing has ten buckle adjustment points and the Chicken Wing Max has 12 adjustment points.

Both releases have Tru-Fireís patented Foldback Ring that allows the releaseís head to be flipped back. The head stays in the folded back position tight to the archerís arm to prevent the head from hitting anything while moving around in the stand or in the blind. The head can be silently flipped back to the shooting position in an instant.

The Chicken Wing and Chicken Wing Max are made in the USA. They are available for purchase at A-1 Archery in the store or online.