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Whitetail'R ScentPURGE 270

Whitetail'R ScentPURGE 270

Item #: 200-003

Eliminates Odors homes, campers, cabins, and large storage areas.

Availability – usually ships in 24 to 72 hours.

Price: $129.99

Product Description

With the Whitetail’R ScentPURGE 270 create a true "clean room" at home designed for spaces all the way up to 270 square feet. In fact this powerful unit will even clear up those musty, damp odors from your basement. 

The Whitetail’R ScentPURGE 270 comes with both A/C power cord and the auto plug so you can use it at home, in your camper trailer or RV. 

You can count on your ScentPURGE™ 270 to help your gear get and stay totally odor free before your hunt!

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