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AMS Chaos FX Point

AMS Chaos FX Point

Item #: 100-023

Made entirely of 400 series stainless steel the AMS Chaos points include their patent pending Cyclone tips.

Availability – usually ships in 24 to 72 hours.

Price: $11.99

Product Description

AMS Bowfishing is introducing its new line of bowfishing arrow points for 2014. Made entirely of 400 series stainless steel the AMS Chaos™ points include our patent pending heat treated Cyclone™ tips which are spiraled for better penetration and strength and the toughest points on the market. The specially formed barbs create a smaller entry hole for better penetration and maximum holding power and barbs pivot to the side to hold fish. The Chaos XL features extra long barbs for added holding power.

These points have out-performed and out-lasted the competition. Every single component is MADE IN THE USA!

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