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Diamond Cure

Diamond Cure

Item #: diamond-001

"At only 3.3 pounds the Diamond Cure is lightweight and powered by a high adjustable and efficient single cam system. Voted a Great Buy by Outdoor Life 2014."

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Price: $699.99

Product Description

Diamond is proud to introduce the Carbon Cure. The high performance you need featured on the lightest single cam we’ve ever built. Featuring an ultra-smooth drawing single cam and our proven R.A.K system this bow is ready to hit the field. The draw length can be adjusted from 27" – 30.5" on our user friendly rotating module system.  With effective let off of 80% this bow is a pleasure to draw, hold at full draw and shoot! And did we mention that it is only 3.3 lbs.? The Carbon Cure is the Cure to the common bow.

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