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Original Genesis Pink RH Kit

Original Genesis Pink RH Kit

Item #: 100-017

Official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program!"Zero let-off" means no specific draw length

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Price: $219.99

Product Description

The Genesis™, the bow that fits everyone, is now available as part of a complete archery kit. The Genesis™, the first compound bow that automatically covers all draw lengths, is now available in a convenient kit. It's the perfect introduction to the sport of archery for young and old alike. Along with the single-cam Genesis™ bow, the set features several other components that will help beginners be fully prepared to take on the sport of archery. It includes a color matched durable vinyl tube quiver and arm guard with dual reinforced adjustable Velcro straps. It also features five aluminum target arrows, manufactured specifically for use with the Genesis™ bow. The Genesis™ Owner's Manual provides an easy-to-understand tutorial on how to safely use the Genesis™ bow and accessories. And, as an added bonus, the kit also features two free multi-colored ringed target faces. Genesis™ Technology, which effectively eliminates unnecessary let-off, makes the Genesis™ bow an extremely versatile bow that anyone can shoot. Children can't outgrow it because there is no specific draw length. And, since the draw length is always right, it's extremely easy for beginners to shoot. Featuring the revolutionary single-cam technology, the design breakthrough that changed the industry a decade ago, the Genesis™ is incredibly accurate, quiet shooting, produces very little recoil and is just plain fun to shoot. Features...Genesis™ bow Color-coordinated belt tube quiver and adjustable arm guard 5 aluminum arrows 2 archery target faces Informative owners manual

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